Why did I start mySisterhood?

It’s hard work and takes a lot of will power. You need support; you need the occasional pat on the back and a well done or a high-five. You need encouragement and someone with you on your journey.Well I'm sure you know the feeling. Determined to achieve your ideal weight, you make a decision to do whatever it takes. You're going to be smart about it; you do your research, you diligently read nutritional values, you take exercise when you have time, you even cut out all your little treats.


You need support. You need mySisterhood.


Once you become a mother means your body naturally undergoes some changes and this new you might affect how you look, feel which may affect your confidence.

Being a mother of three made me feel like that. I lost my confidence because of the way I looked. I didn’t want to be a supermodel, I just wanted to be in control and manage my weight.

As I work, there just aren't enough hours in the day to try and sweat off the extra pounds or find the diet that really works for your body.  It all becomes mentally exhausting, you want to make changes but you don’t have the time. It’s so frustrating.

So, I have been on various faddy diets from no carbs diets, soup diets, fruit diets, 7-day diets to help me achieve my goals; fitting into my clothes, increasing my energy levels and improving my self-confidence. I soon realised I was not alone; people around me were struggling with various health issues due to their weight too.

It is difficult to enjoy good healthy nutrition when the demands of a hectic day overtakes the time that should be dedicated to yourself. I went on a mission to find a solution that worked for me and around my busy lifestyle- running a business alongside being a mother to three wonderful children, I needed a product for a modern women.


mySisterhood, a real dieting solution for busy women.


mySisterhood contains all the necessary nutrients at low calorie levels, meaning the body can healthily achieve weight loss as part of a calorie controlled diet.

mySisterhood’s products are designed with the support of leading nutritionists to help you reach your desired long term health goals with the use of scientifically researched ingredients. Our calorie controlled weight management shakes will help you with healthy eating when used as meal replacements.

mySisterhood is the UK’s First Low Calorie Meal Replacement, made specifically for the needs of the Modern Woman enriched with Black Seed”

mySisterhood has used the latest Scientific Research to create an all-in-one meal replacement to help you achieve your goals of remaining fit, toned, healthy and of course help shape your confidence.

We come in all shapes and sizes and everyone has their own personal goals. With this in mind, I wanted the ingredients in my shakes to give health benefits, whilst enabling you to achieve your ideal weight.

That is the reason I have chosen key ingredients and vitamins to make this an all-in-one product. mySisterhood is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is certified halal. mySisterhood community will be with you through your entire journey whatever your health goals.

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